Fluency to 1,000

Fluency to 1,000 with Addition and Subtraction as it Relates to the Common Core State Standards

The goal of this training is to develop teachers’ understanding of addition and subtraction, with the integration of the standards for mathematical practice, as they relate to the Common Core. The focus will be on using efficient, accurate and generalizable methods to compute sums and differences of whole numbers to 1,000. We will demonstrate a variety of mental strategies that are based on the constructivist approach and lead to fluency to 10, to 20, to 100, and to 1,000. Strategies, tools and representations will include: rekenreks, hands, bead strings, open number lines, using place value and decomposing numbers. We will be using a variety of media and activities to demonstrate best practices.

Audience: Grades 2 and 3, AIS and Special Education Teachers