Fluency to 20

Fluency to 20 with Addition and Subtraction

The goal of this training is to develop teachers’ deep understanding of the big ideas of addition and subtraction, as they relate to the K-2 Common Core standards. The focus will be on achieving accuracy by fluently using efficient, flexible, and appropriate strategies to compute sums and differences of whole numbers to 20. The roles of place value, properties of addition, and the relationship between addition and subtraction will be discussed, as well as decomposing numbers within ten. A variety of tools and representations will be used in this workshop and will include: rekenreks, hands, bead strings, number bracelets, and number bonds. Several games that support the development of big concepts and strategies that lead to fluency will be played.

Each participant will make one individual set of number bracelets that can be used at the concrete stage to compose and decompose numbers.

Audience: Grades 1 and 2, AIS, and Special Education Teachers